Getting Started

Get the source

You can get the source code to the RuleForge project in several ways. The easiest is by clicking on the 'Source Code' tab, selecting the latest commit for download and accepting the license agreement. This is the easiest way, but the least useful if you intend on contributing to the project at all.

The next best thing, is to have a look at this excellent article on How to contribute to an Open Source project on CodePlex. It describes how to use the CodePlex Client to get source code, and create and submit patches.

Of course, the best way to contribute is to join the dev team.

Build a tool

  • Create a new Windows Form
  • Inherit from DockContent
  • Set Docking Options
  • Integrate Tool in RuleSet Explorer

Join the dev team

Commiting source

Applying patches

How to accept contributions to your CodePlex project

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