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Project Description

RuleForge is a tool to simplify the creation and modification of custom Fantasy Grounds v2 rulesets and modules.

RuleForge attempts to solve the problem of steep learning curves and lengthy timeframes to create custom rulesets and modules for Fantasy Grounds, by providing a graphical interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Rather than writing complex XML, users need only drag and drop components onto a form to create character sheets and various other forms. Tree views and grid editors allow for easy data capture and editing. The project also includes script editors with syntax highlighting for users to work with ruleset lua scripts. There is also functionality around the administration and packaging of rulesets and modules.


Currently, there are not many graphical editors in RuleForge, but it is possible to modify rulesets in their entirety using only the RuleSet Explorer. The organisational abilities and ease of use of the RuleSet Explorer mean that you can spend a lot less time modifying ruleset XML without having to laboriously scroll through the actual text, or search for specific elements.

Using RuleForge

The following section serves to provide documentation and user guides for the various tools in RuleForge.
The RuleSet Explorer

Community Involvement

Due to my limited time, the success of this project requires the Fantasy Grounds community to get involved. If you would like to work on this project, feel free to submit a patch or contact us to be added on a more permanent basis.

Getting Started

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